Are you ready to start your Holiday Season.  Do you feel like Nell Fenwick waiting for Dudley do Right to rescue you before the Christmas train runs you over.  I too feel that way some days.  In just a few short weeks the Christmas season will be over and done with but the onslaught of must do's to get ready for it is fear inspiring.  My list has nothing to do with what I am asking Santa for.  It is all about what Santa has to get done before the big day comes.  I then remember that Jesus is the reason for this amazing season of celebration for me.  Of course I want to celebrate Christ's birth with lights , songs, presents, and baking.  If you come from another culture or belief system such as Jewish, Muslim, or none, this time also holds many celebrations with lights, songs, and baking.

Regardless of why your are celebrating this means lots of work and money.  Make sure you are giving valuable gifts of yourself and not just your money.  Sure you can't go to lunch with a beloved friend during this busy time but a handmade invitation to a January get together can be a lovely gift.  Maybe drop off a thoughtful meal on a busy winter day when you know they get home late, pick their kid up for a fun event with your kids so they can have a night out or relax at home with no children around.  Have a Decorate the Hall party and help each other decorate.  This will surprise you as they may see something entirely different on your front porch than you and even if it is not amazing, go with it and enjoy the difference.  Every time you walk up the walk you will think happy thoughts of the time spent with your friend.  Make this season shine bright with love and forgiveness.  No family or relationship is perfect.

Remember you also want to live through this holiday so don't overload your circuits with Christmas lights.  Upgrade to LED if you can, if you can't then make sure you look at wattage and how many you can link together before you are creating a fire hazard.  If you put a real tree in your house make sure you cut the bottom off about 3 inches up immediately before you put it in the tree stand and make sure you water it daily.  Real trees need water.  Make sure you have Washington state required communicating smoke detectors in  your home.  How many times did you carry a sleeping child into the house from the car, undressed them, and tucked them in as they dreamed on.  They WILL dream through the smoke detectors.  You want to make sure you all wake up and get out of the house if a fire should occur.  Most people who die in winter fires die because they did not hear the smoke alarm, did not have a smoke alarm, had a dead battery in their smoke alarm.